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Fermenting Jeju (제주 발효)

2015 Artscenic Basement in Jeju City

  • Mobilising installation ‧ fermentation research ‧ convivial resource cultivation ‧ agroecological legacy

Commissioned for the Among-Garde exhibition curated by Yongsung Paik and HyunJu Yu, in collaboration with Wanho Tam, Uni Park, Eric Sweet, and Sara Lee.

Visitors of this transmetabolic installation were greeted by ushers wearing ‘Let Us Ferment You!’ aprons who handed out cooking gloves. Following a long table, visitors worked their way through the basic steps of Kimchi preparation that accounted for all byproducts: scraps were composted, rice husks carbonised in a miniature rocket stove. The gallery’s toilets were supplanted with dry toilets that utilised these organic residues. Visitors unable to personally contribute to the dry toilets, were requested to donate hair and nail clippings as admission to the buffet.

Dottongsi pig latrines (돗통시) were part of Jeju's resource-integrating, agroecology where human ‘waste’ was feeding pigs along with food scraps—the. The resulting manure was mixed with barley to ferment into cherished fertiliser. This landmark of metabolic architecture that provided toilet users with relief, privacy and outlook over the landscape, was adopted for the Fermenting Jeju installation.

Traditional Jeju outhouse that inspired the participatory installation.
Consulting visitors on how to metabolically participate in installation.
Fermentive assembly table for parallel Kimchi and compost making.
Kimchi ingredients paralleled by organic residues (sesame straw and rice husks).
Working through the fermentive assembly table.
Inoculate and biochar are connecting assembly table with dry toilet.
As admission all guests donated whatever bodily residues they could.
Biopedagogic Mobilisation
Reinterpreted Dottongsi latrine integrated in fermentive assembly.
Biopedagogic Mobilisation
The message 'let us ferment you' greeted the visitors.
Biopedagogic Mobilisation
First sketch of Fermenting Jeju.