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Black Circle: Join the Detox Economy (雲⼟間)

2015 Green Building Council, Hong Kong

  • Ecohealth venture ‧ explorative work alliance ‧ democratization of biochar ‧ integrative resource cultivation

Shortlisted at the Green Building Ideas’ Pitch in collaboration with Wanho Tam, Benson Law, Anna Chim, Effie Chan, Phillis Wong, Iron Chan, and Andrew Tsui from the Research Institute for Organic Treasures (RIOT).

In this business ‘provotyping’, a bioactive filter product was envisioned for implicating social and biophysical ecologies. Made from woody ‘waste’, charcoal dust with demoisturizing and detoxifying properties can be applied to purify air, water, and home interior. Equipped with a tracking app, each Black Circle product becomes an emergent record of its origin and destiny within a social ecosystem of ‘waste’ producers, detoxing homemakers and environmental stewards. The product’s take-back program ensures it is reused as ecological building component and soil amendment.

The promo video above was the cumulation in a collective effort of probing ways of utilising woody ‘waste’ and democratising biochar production. While the jurors of the Green Building Council could not be convinced, the Black Circle (雲⼟間) team and its members went on to launch consequent socio-material re-cultivation initiatives.

Democratising biochar: Wood-gas carbonisation with DIY rocket stove.
Discussing potential use of biocharred material among Black Circle core team.
Experiments with biochar bricks.
Idea of the purifying and trackable biochar pouch.
Concept of social network for adaptable and expanding product cycle.
Preparing for the Green Building Business Pitch.
Production of promo video in front of Tai Po temple.
Cast of Black Circle promo video
Cast and organic 'waste' starring in promo video for trackable bio-purification product
Join the Detox Economy
Regenerative impact of sensibly cultivated biochar (pyrolized wood 'waste').