N E X T .

Toilet Hack for Soil Membership

2014 Utopiana art space, Genève

  • Zero-budget ecotoilet ‧ domestic intervention ‧ usability provotype ‧ Black Soils

Commissioned by Plantopics Garden Research at Utopiana, in collaboration with community garden Le Pote à Jean, Cynthia Cochet, Anna Barseghian, and Maria Adelaida Samper.

The flush toilet at the artspace was made obsolete for three weeks with a cardboard contraption, forcing visitors to use the resource-oriented alternative. With simplest means a bucket toilet with source-separated urine collection, probiotic biochar supplementation, and pictogram signage was provided. The installation provoked strong feedback suggesting further improvements for usability and comfort. The human nutrients collected were properly composted into dark soils just 50 meters away at the community garden.

Utopiana villa with Le Pote à Jean community garden.
Box and instructions obstruct flushing fixture for bare-bone dry toilet.
Solids and liquids are strictly separated.
Permaculturist Cynthia Cochet curing human nutrients into fertilizer.