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La Mente Fresca: Routing, Routine and Relationships

2010 Le Ville Matte Residenze d'Artista, Villasor, Sardinia

  • Collective endurance performance ‧ perpetual tourist ‧ empty museum ‧ happen-stance ‧ ritualised surprise

Commissioned by Le Ville Matte (residenze d'artista) with curators Chiara Agnello, Francesca Sassu and Giorgio Murtas, in collaboration with Michela Onnis, Licia Abis, Colette Poddi and Antonio Kikiki, Augusto Buzzegoli, and Rupen Boyadjan.

The first time one arrives at a novel destination, one’s senses are sharp. What happens if one cleared the memory each morning and returned to the same destination with this pristine, uninitiated mind? By pursuing the identical routine with the mindset of a novice for 21 continuous days, behavioural patterns became exposed and subject to creative developments in people and environment of this small, rural town. In the end, the ‘perpetual tourist’ invited the intrigued public to an exhilarating tour for sharing stories, secrets, and hideouts accrued over three fresh-minded weeks.

La Mente Fresca
Arriving for the 22nd time in a row with the request for a guided tour to the castle.
Repeated sequence every day: obtaining postcard; sending it to stranger; asking the way to the castle.
The request for the guided tour for the tourist with memory loss was never refused.
To overcome frustration, the castle team resorted to creativity and humour.
The castle's empty interior opened room for inquiry and imagination.
Over time, the staff took turns in delivering the guided tour to the perpetual tourist.
The tours became increasingly personal and political during the three weeks.
Depositing a palm leaf and salt pile at the castle entrance, purified the mind for the next day.
The concluding installation invited to experiment with Mente Fresca in daily life.
La Mente Fresca
Connection diary giving account for each resulting encounter.
La Mente Fresca
Perpetual tourist shares what was learnt from 21 guided tours with the interested public.
La Mente Fresca
The basic ingredients included palm leaves, salt, interaction script, and fullest presence in the moment.