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(En)Counter Shots: The Shepherd’s Mural

2010 Le Ville Matte Residenze d’Artista, Villasor, Sardinia

  • Integrative mural ‧ tribute to unsung hero ‧ painted heterotopia ‧ rural revitalisation

Commissioned by Le Ville Matte with curators Chiara Agnello, Francesca Sassu and Giorgio Murtas, in collaboration with Beatrice Catanzaro, Azienda Arno, Familia Nonnis, Familia Nicoli, Renato & Betti Marongiu, Marika Asatiani, Augusto Buzzegoli, Giulia Casula, Beatrice Catanzaro, Rita Correddu, Estelle Deschamp, Simone Bertuzzi, Simone Trabucchi, Renée Lotenero, and Chiara Agnello.

Per request of sheep farmer Agostino Argis, ten visual artists realised a 35-meter-long mural in less than 18 days. The project evolved from the unexpected encounter with the farmer and engaged the community in a joint creative process that led to the exchange of views and the questioning of perspectives. The artists listened careful to the requests of the murales owner, while integrating stylistic elements from all contributors into visual unity. The circular elements in the mural design elude to the landing pads of the next-door NATO airforce base.

(En)Counter Shots pulled together distinct social realities to meet and thrive. The farmhouse on the periphery of the community became the hotbed for vibrant material exchanges between unconventional farmer, individualist artists and municipal officials. The mural was testament to a social edge effect.

(En)Counter Shots
The Sardinian sheep farm before and after the communal mural painting project.
Upon encountering the guest artists, Agostino Argis asked to have his farm house painted.
Beatrice Catanzaro recording farmer Argis poetry and life story.
The mural artwork conveyed the farmer family's concerns.
The agreed artwork was projected for tracing onto the 35 meter long wall.
Work in progress.
A dozen artists took shifts in completing the mural in two weeks.
At the opening ceremony with local dignities, Agostino Argis elaborated on the artwork.
(En)Counter Shots
Bold colors aimed at the rural setting of sheep pastures and artichoke orchards.
(En)Counter Shots
Bold colors also aimed at the airforce pilots of the NATO base next door.