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Radishes for Adoption

2009 Participating households in Kyoto

  • Edible installation ‧ coordinated home horticulture ‧ pickled passages ‧ blurred authorship

In collaboration with Yuka Saitô, Makiko Hori, Mie Matsuoka, Mo Tagaki, Kota Arimoto, Haruo Kondo, and 30 radish adopters.

This horticultural intervention invited 30 households across town to adopt 5 radish seeds. Adopters received a growing kit and gardening support if they agreed to grow the radishes at their homes and grant organisers weekly visits for monitoring the plants’ wellbeing. Radish parenting was prompted by watering the seeds. This conscious act of germination and initiation of plant life was the contract between adopters and facilitator. After six weeks, adopters pickled their radishes and displayed them at the facilitator’s house where the adoption collective met for the first time.

Radishes for Adoption
Pickles and stories on display after six weeks of coordinated radish growing with 30 families.
Wetting the five seeds was the kickoff of the mutual journey.
Adopters and facilitators shared the radish nurture during weekly home visits.
After six weeks, the harvested radishes were pickled.
Pickle jars and adopters assembled at facilitator's house to taste the radishes and curate exhibition.
Outdoor exhibition preserving nutrients and narratives.
Radishes  for Adoption
Invitation to networked planting.
News feature about Radishes for Adoption on Kyoto Television.