At Your Service(いっらしゃいませ)

2006 Creative, urban treatments in Hakodate and Kyoto

  • Urban intervention series ‧ unsafe guide ‧ obsolete services ‧ adventurous everyday ‧ action art

Realised with support from Yuka Saitô, Kiyomi Yatsuhashi, Ryo Yamazaki, Roger Walch, Lehan W. Ramsay, and Nikki Pugh.

Everybody was invited to unusual, one-hour experiences, scheduled daily for 56 consequent days from 9 September to 5 November in the urban public. In an effort to ignite the streamlined everyday with meaningful encounters and fresh discoveries, the artist-cum-serviceperson offered creative treatments specific to each weekday like Mobile Tea Ceremony, City Canal Tours, or Garbage Collectors’ Appreciation. The service provision also included a daily online video report, to bring accountability to the public offerings and make them universally accessible.

In this out-of-the-box, urban intervention series, every Monday, for example, the Mobile Tea Ceremony offered traditional Japanese hospitality in unexpected settings. On Tuesday was I Love Trash day, when neighbors left thank-you notes on trash bags, appreciating the work of garbage collectors. Wednesdays awaited with the Canal Tour for discovering the city from fresh, feet-wetting perspectives.

At Your Service
The Canal Tour invited the public to explore the city from within the waterways.
At Your Service
Interventions by the weekday — (M) Mobile Tea Ceremony, T: I Love Trash Day, (W) Canal Tour, (T) Coin Mosaic, (F) Tree Guarding, (S) Bridge Sitting, (S) Story Hour.
At Your Service
All services were scheduled and publicised to create a following.
At Your Service
All 56 service events were documented online on the same day for people who missed them.