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Adventurous Upcrafting Ventures

Published in G. Bruyns and P. Hasdell (Eds.), Cubic Journal: Design Social, issue 1. April 2018, 210–213. http://doi.org/10.31182/cubic.2018.1.013

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The short, abstract-length piece illustrates on a double spread the activities of the fermentive, social change experiments conducted between 2015 to 2016 in Hong Kong. In the performativity of unpacking the processing of human ‘waste’ on the urban rooftop, social and collaborative opportunities were explored.

In numerous engagement probes with local industry, government, and leisure education, the Upcrafting Ventures eventually informed the biopedagogic orientation of the Anthroponix study. Pedagogical here is understood as an arena of socio-material doing, exchanging and learning. As much as the Upcrafting Ventures failed when measured by common success standards, they have generated a diverse and steady following of biophilic people keen to explore alternative ways of making home, knowledge, and community.

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Keywords: Urine fermentation, generative vulnerability, radical homemaking, risky collaborations.