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Wernli M, Chan KF (conference paper). Rendering soil care across hotel, retailer, and farm, with a Mutuality Service Blueprint. Design Research Society (DRS 2024), Resistance, Reflection, Recovery, Reimagination: Theme Track 28. Retail, Hospitality and Service Design Futures. Boston. DOI: 10.21606/drs.2024.415.

Wernli M, Chan KF, Elkin DK (journal paper). Design with the Past through Organizational Exaptation: Unlearning, Enterprising, and Collective Agency in Rural Hong Kong. Design Issues, “Design of and with the Past” special issue (Huybrechts L, Benesch H, Zuljevic M, Aoidh CM, Sully D, Driesse M, eds.).

Wernli M, Koskinen I (journal paper). Growers Without Borders: Remote Sensing of Encounters with Nature on the Eco-Social Farm. CoDesign, “Remote Data Collection Methods” special issue (Evans S, Gera K, eds.).

Books and thesis

Wernli M (2020). Adventurous Homemaking: Exploring Collaborations Toward Agroecological Probabilities. PhD electronic thesis. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. School of Design.
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Wernli M (2007). Practice of Invitation: Art and Meaningful Participation. MFA electronic thesis. Transart Institute. Danube University Krems.
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Tschumi C, Wernli M (2005). Mirei Shigemori, Renewing the Japanese Garden. Berkeley, California: Stonebridge Press.
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Book chapters

Wernli M, Chan KF (2023). Are We Repairing Soils and Each Other Here? Exploring Design Cosmotechnics in the Waste Age. In: Design/Repair: Place, Practice & Community (Kalantidou E, Keulemans G, Mellick Lopes A, Rubenis N, Gill A, eds). Cham: Palgrave Macmillan. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-031-46862-9.
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Wernli M (2022). Intriguing Human-Waste Commons: Praxis of Anticipation in Urban Agroecological Transitions. In: Design Commons: Practices, Processes and Crossovers. Design Research Foundations. Bruyns G, Kousoulas S (eds). Cham: Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-95057-6_9.
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Wernli M (2021). Anthroponix: Upcycling Urine as Collective Design Practice. In: New Experimental Research in Design 2. Christensen M, Michel R, Jonas W (eds). Boston: Walter de Gruyter. DOI:10.1515/9783035623666-013
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Wernli M (2020). Collective urine upcycling to grow plants and material responsibility. In: Culture, Community and Climate: Conversations about Emergent Praxis. Povall, R (ed). Kingsbridge, Devon:
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Wernli M (2019). Short-comings and Unintended Vulner-abilities. In: Design and Nature: A Collaboration. Fletcher K, St-Pierre L, Tham M (eds). London: Earthscan by Routledge.
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Wernli M (2018). Anthroponix: Close Your Nutrients Cycle in Ten Weeks. In: The Field Guide to Hacking. Poon M, Mitch A (eds). Hong Kong: Dim Sum Labs and Design Trust.
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Wernli M (2014). Safe Rooftop Tree 23 Temple Street (Yau Ma Tei). In: Activist Artist Residency 2011-2. Lee F (ed). Hong Kong: Wooferten Press.
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Journal papers

Wernli M., Chan KF (2023). Cosmotechnic encounters: Designing with foodwaste, landscapes, and livelihoods. Contexts: The Systemic Design Journal, 2. DOI:10.58279/v2001.
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Elkin DK, Louw M, Leung CY, Wang X, Wernli M (2023). Spatial agency practice in Tai O Village: colonial legacies and spatial-architectural approaches to collaborative urban futures. arq: Architectural Research Quarterly, 27(3):237–254. DOI:10.1017/S135913552300026X.
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Wernli, M, Chan KF (2023). Provocation Soil Trust: Designing economies inside an interspecies world of feeders. Journal of Cultural Economy, 16(4):594–603. DOI:10.1080/17530350.2023.2239823.
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Boyer B, Wernli M, Koria M, Santamaria L (2022). Our Own Metaphor: Tomorrow is Not for Sale. World Futures, Journal of New Paradigm Research, 78(8):524-532. DOI:10.1080/02604027.2021.2014751.
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Wernli M (2021). Collective wondering: Enabling productive uncertainty in agroecological codesign. CoDesign, 18(1):95-114 (Special Issue: Designing for Reimagined Communities). DOI:10.1080/15710882.2021.2001534.
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Wernli M (2021). Bringing Home Recursions: Co-Crafting Environmental Self-Implication in Adult Design Education. Cubic Journal, 4(4):80–99. DOI:10.31182/cubic.2021.4.040.
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Wernli M, Boyer B (2021). ‘Breathful’ design in breathless times. Strategic Design Research Journal, 14(1):175-186. DOI:10.4013/sdrj.2021.141.15.
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Wernli M (2018). Adventurous Upcrafting Ventures. Cubic Journal, 1(1):210–213. DOI:10.31182/cubic.2018.1.013.
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Andreev N, Ronteltap M, Wernli M, Zubcov E, Bagrin N, Borodin N (2017). Lactic Acid Fermentation of Human Urine to Improve Its Fertilizing Value and Reduce Odour Emissions. Journal of Environmental Management, 198(1):63–69. DOI:10.1016/j.jenvman.2017.04.059.
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Conference papers

Sacks J, Wernli M (2022). Co-design of the pluriversal Commons Model Canvas. In: PDC'22: Proceedings of the Participatory Design Conference 2022, Volume 2:227–230. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). DOI:10.1145/3537797.3537840.
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Wernli M, Wu Y, Chen SL (2022). IASDR’2021 Workshops Framework. In: Bruyns, G, Wei, H (eds) [ ] With Design: Reinventing Design Modes. IASDR 2021. Singapore: Springer. DOI:10.1007/978-981-19-4472-7_243.
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Wernli M (2021). Designing reflexive spaces with human waste. In: Proceedings of the 14th conference of the International Forum on Urbanism (IFoU), 25-27 November 2021: From dichotomies to dialogues — connecting discourses for a sustainable urbanism.. DOI:10.24404/61729a5c7e18910008ca2929.
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Elkin DK, Leung CY, Wang X, Wernli M (2021). Data Commoning in Tai O Village: History, the Urban Periphery, and Technology in Spatial Agency Practice. In: International Association for the Study of the Commons 2021 Urban Commons Virtual Conference.

Elkin DK, Leung CY, Wang X, Wernli M (2021). Situated Knowledge Utility and Emergence in Tai O Village: A living lab in the back-loop of COVID-19. In: International Social Innovation Research Conference 2021: Enabling the change! Social innovation and enterprises for a better future.

Wernli M (2020). Commoning Human Waste as Exploration into Enlivening Design In: Pivot 2020 Pluriversal Design. New Orleans: Tulane University
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Wernli M (2016) Cultivating More-than-Human Lifeworlds: Laudatio on Indigenous Fermentation, Smell and Metabolic Power Grids. In: Cultural R>evolution. Hong Kong: International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA'2016. Tapio Leino O, Charrieras D, Kimburley C, Howe D, Jhave Johnston D, Wirman H (eds) ISBN: 978-962-442-397-6.
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Official reports

Wernli M, Rahadiningtyas A, Wijaya E, Kim Bùi B, Akutagawa S (2016). Peeled Onions. In: 2016 IIAS-CSEAS Winter School – Mapping the Aesthetics of Urban Life in Asia. Singh, P, Mandal S (eds). Leiden: International Institute for Asian Studies Newsletter (74).
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Presentations at scientific conferences

Wernli M, Jian IY, Chan KF (2023). Hyper-localizing Pedagogies in Design: The Situating Learningscape at the Farm Studio. Architecture Media Politics Society (AMPS) Local Cultures – Global Spaces: Communities, People and Place (5 Dec).

Wernli M (2023). Soil Trust (泥玩): Social pilot connecting food wastes, landscapes, and livelihoods. 6th Nordic STS (Science Technology Studies) conference at University of Oslo, TIK Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture, Parallell Session 6 (Soils IV) – Soil Repair: Recuperating Human-Soil Relationships (7-9 June).

Wernli M, Chan KF, Yu J (2023). The farm as quasi-object in design education: Living-learning towards pluriversal forms of sustenance. Conceptual Practice: Research and Pedagogy in Art, Design, Creative Industries, and Cultural Heritage (International Conference). The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (1 May).

Wernli M, Chan KF (2023). Provocation Soil Trust: Designing Economies Inside an Interspecies World of Feeders. W/E/E/S Waste/Economy/Ecology Symposium, Session III: Design – Materialising Economies and Ecologies. Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University (23-24 Feb).
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Bruyns G, Kousoulas S, Elkin DK, Frayne N, Karadima D, van der Merwe G, Moebus K, Pllumbi D, Zheng C, Medici, P, Wernli M. (2023). Design Commons: Practices, Processes and Crossovers. Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Conference (ACSA111 Annual Meeting) at Washington University in St. Louis, Sam Fox School of Design, Missouri, USA (15 Feb).

Wernli M, Chung H. (2022). Community Composting for Waste Reduction and Soil Regeneration. Urban Edible Spaces Forum. University of Hong Kong, General Education (7 April).

Wernli M (2022). Starting a soil commons in Hong Kong: Manifested translations of human-soil relationships. Advanced Colloquia Series II (Making | Unmaking | Remaking), Louw M, Elkin DK (cvs). School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics, University of Cape Town, South Africa (22 March).

Wernli M, (2015). Fermenting the City: Grassroots Agency for Biomass Recovery in Hong Kong. In: Conference Proceedings of Terra Preta Sanitation and Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Systems. Pilani, Rajasthan (Goa): Birla Institute of Technology & Science (18-21 Nov).
→ PDF (1.7 MB)

Wernli M (2014). Terra Preta Sanitation: Fermentation-Powered, Self-Reliant Dry Toilet in Practice. In: Sustainable Landscape Futures: Joint University of Canberra-UNESCO International Forum. University of Canberra (10-11 July).

Exhibition catalogs

Erasmus M, Veeger T, Pare R (2018). Are You Bodysteadying? In: Redesign the Future, Upcycle, Remake, Repurpose. Dutch Design Week). Eindhoven: Albert van Abbehuis Gallery.

Yu H (2017). Aquaforming Mars! In: A Message from Mars: Special Exhibition in Chemistry Art, Responding to Climate Change. Daejeon: Korean Research Center for Chemical Technology.
→ PDF (2.4 MB)

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→ PDF (1.8 MB)

Einarsen J, Wernli M (2008). In Your Hands. In: PeaceWorks, Linking Souls. Yokohama: ZAIM ザイム Art Center.

Hajdu S. (2008). The Shadow Followers. In: The Bao Loc Project. Ho Chi Minh City: A Little Bla Bla Press.

Other publications

Wernli M (2008). Canal Walks. In: The Chronicle of Media Art, Vol. 10 Rural. Mittelman M (ed). Boston: ASPECT. ISBN: 0-9749657-0.

Wernli M (2006). Skinship: Public Bath Culture in Japan. Genève: Editions Hors Ligne.

Mantle D, Wernli M (2006). A Whole Other World: Kyoto’s Kamogawa River. Osaka: Kansai Timeout (26 Aug).
→ PDF (377 KB)

Wernli M (2006). Camera Unleashed: Strolling with Markus Wernli Through Landscapes of Mirei Shigemori. Kyoto: Kyoto Journal (16 June).
→ PDF (208 KB)

Mantle D, Wernli M (2006). A Whole Other World: Kyoto Municipal Central Wholesale Market. Osaka: Kansai Timeout (2 Feb).
→ PDF (214 KB)

Articles about Markus’ work

Yu J (2020). 社會實驗:波卡西波卡西……將廚餘帶回田間 The Farm Studio Powered by Bokashi. 明報網站. Hong Kong: Mingpao newspaper (27 Nov).
→ PDF (955 KB)

Lee J (2015). The First Innercity DIY Biochar Lab in Hong Kong. The Scarecrow Magazine 稻草人. Hong Kong: Produce Green Foundation, no. 76, (2 Nov).
→ PDF (2.3 MB)

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→ PDF (106 KB)

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